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Building Your Own Website

Building your own website can be quite a complex task which can be simplified a great deal with a little preparation before you begin. Without the preparation you can almost guarantee there will be no structure to your website at all.

What comes first? The Hosting or the Website? Well logically you need to purchase hosting in order to build a website because the hosting is where the website is stored. However, without the preparation of the website, you could be purchasing hosting that is not suitable for your requirements.

So what do you need to consider? Well think about your subject first. What message do you want to get across through your website.? How do you want to get it across? Think about how your site will be structured. Will you just require one or two basic pages?

Is your site going to be for business or pleasure? Will you need a product catalogue or a store? Will you need visitors to register on your site? How can they contact you? There’s so much to consider before you even think about the hosting. Once you have written down a basic outline you can then start to get an understanding of what you need.

We’ll cover hosting in another article so there’s no need to touch on that any further here so the next step is to decide how you’re going to design your site. Do you have the expertise to do it or do you get someone else to do it for you? Now would be a good time to decide what platform you want your site to be built upon. We’ll discuss this in the next article in this series entitled ‘What Platform should I use?’

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