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Getting to know Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website where customers can post remarks, pictures and post links to news or different exciting content on the net, chat to friends and watch all kinds of video. You can even order food on Facebook if that’s what you want to do. Shared content may be made publicly accessible, or it could be shared simplest amongst a select group of friends or just your own family or with just a single person.

How It Began

Facebook began in February of 2004 as a school-based social community at Harvard University. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg & Edward Saverin, both college students at the university. It wasn’t until 2006 that Facebook became available to everybody 13 years or older and it soon took off, rapidly overtaking MySpace as the leading social network in the world.

Attractions of Facebook

Facebook is very user-friendly. Even the least technical-minded individuals can sign in and begin posting on Facebook. Although it began out as a way to keep in contact or reconnect with friends, it has fast become the darling of corporations who reach out to their target market to deliver ads displaying their products or services.

Facebook makes it simple to share pics, text messages, movie clips, news & sport posts and feelings on Facebook. The site is used by millions every single day.

Facebook gives a customizable set of privacy controls, so users can protect their data & restrict access to those who they want to authorize access to.

Getting Started With Facebook

If you want to see for yourself why 2 billion monthly visitors cannot do without Facebook, sign up for a free Facebook account, upload a profile photo and cover image and look for people you already know to start building your friends list. You’ll be up & running before you know it.

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