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Introduction to Kik

Kik is a messenger type application that’s available for most iPhones (ncluding iPods), Android (together with Kindle Fire), and Windows Phone devices.

Kik lets you post texts, pics, GIFs, movie clips, sketches, and more – all inside the app! Kik connects using your existing Wi-Fi connection or your data plan to send and receive your messages.

Group Chats

With the more recent versions of Kik, you can be part of a group chat with up to forty nine other people. The appealing thing about Kik to most people is the fact it is anonymous or can be as anonymous as you want it to be. There is no need to give out personal information with Kik at all.

Kik Codes

Kik Codes are the quickest, easiest way to add friends and be part of groups on Kik. You have a Kik Code that’s exclusive to you which you then share with your friends and contacts. The Code is Kik’s idea of an invitation similar to a friend request on Facebook for example. Whilst the Code acts as an invitation it does not identify who the sender is.

Video Chat

Latest versions of Kik provide video chat enabling one-to-one chats with your contacts anywhere in the world, similar to Google’s hangouts or Skype.

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