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Introduction to WordPress

WordPress provides the easiest way of creating websites and blogs without requiring too much technical knowledge. More than 34% of websites online are built on the WordPress platform. Today, WordPress has proudly delivered the biggest blogging community on the internet. Thousands of websites (news, updates, sources, education, tutorials— the list is countless) exists which inherit and employ WordPress.

We don’t need to go over the history of WordPress, there’s plenty of information out there already about how it was first developed. All we are interested in is what it is, how it can help us and we can get it. As we have mentioned already, it’s vast market share of existing websites is a clear indication that WordPress can be used for pretty much anything.

Why is it so popular? I think you only need to look at how easy it is to update, or publish, to a website designed using WordPress. Once you have your initial design all you really need to do is ensure your sure is kept up to date with content and that’s where WordPress excels.

How many of us have a Facebook profile? I would probably guess most of us. How many of us have posted something to Facebook? Again, I would say most of us. If we are able to do that, then we are able to run a WordPress site. Okay, the initial design and implementation might be better off coming from someone more experienced but once the site is up & running there is no reason why you should not be able to run your own site. This is the simplicity yet the power of WordPress.

How do we get WordPress? There are several ways to get it and each one has its pros and cons. The first being from WordPress itself. You can sign up for an account at WordPress and simply create your own site on their own web servers. The pros are it’s a good introduction to WordPress and it’s self explanatory when setting up. The cons are it can get quite expensive with all the additional features you might find you need and even then WordPress does tend to restrict a lot on its own servers.

The second method is to purchase a hosting plan that has something like Control Panel available. This is the main navigation system around your hosting account and typically it will have some kind of software installer that will include WordPress installation. The pros are you can install a less restricted version of WordPress on your hosting package but even then some changes might need to be made within your hosting account to get everything working perfectly therefore the cons are you will need a little knowledge of hosting accounts and navigating your way around one.

The third option would be to purchase a WordPress hosting package. These are becoming more & more popular. They are basically a WordPress installation which is set up for you in minutes. Admittedly, you still have to design your site and add content but the initial WordPress installation is done for you so that takes care of the hosting aspect of your site.

Of the three options it is clear to see why the third option is becoming more popular. If you need further advice on WordPress set up then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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