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What is a Child Theme?

If you’re working on your website yourself rather than use a web designer, you might just come across the words Child Theme in more than one occasion.

If you’re not overly familiar with WordPress themes then it’s unlikely you will be editing core files to obtain the right look of your site. However, if by some bizarre reason you do choose to edit core files from your theme folders, you’re probably better off installing a duplicate. This is what is known as the Child Theme.

The purpose of the Child Theme is to prevent you from editing the core files from your theme. If you were to edit them, then any changes you make are likely to be overwritten when there is an update to the core files. It can also be a security risk, editing the core files can be very risky & unless you know what you’re doing, there’s every chance you could break your site. A Child Theme will ensure you don’t.

How do I install a Child Theme? There are plugins available to assist you in creating a Child Theme & adding it to your site. Search ‘Child Theme’ in the plugins database & choose a plugin to help you. Then all you need do is work your way through the theme setup. You’ll have your theme up & running in no time.

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