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What Platform Should I Use?

First of all, what do we mean by platform? Well the platform is what we will use to build the website itself. There are a couple of basic questions that need to be answered that will really define what road you take regarding platform. Firstly, will your website be static or will you be wanting to post updates to it regularly?

This question is more important than you think. If you want to get a message out to your clients so you decide you will post it to your website but you don’t have the option to do it yourself then you could be forced to wait until your web designer is available to get round to doing it for you.

I’ve seen this before where the website owner had to wait weeks before the designer even got back to her to find out what she wanted. She then had to wait another week or two before the changes she wanted were done. Those changes could have been made by herself because they were only a couple of brief notifications to her customers.

In years gone by, most websites were designed using html & this was how her website was designed. Nowadays, there are easier options such as WordPress to build your site upon and this will enable you to post updates to your site yourself. If you use Social Media & know how to post an update to your Facebook or Twitter profile, etc, then you will know how to post an update to a WordPress website. It’s much the same thing.

There are many more reasons for using WordPress as your platform. Check out the WordPress articles for full details.

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